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7N60/F7N60/I7N60/ E7N60/B7N60/D7N60

7A 600V N-channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

7A 600V N-channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

1 Description

These silicon N-channel enhanced vdmosfets, is obtained by the self-aligned planar technology which reduce the

conduction loss, improve switching performance and enhance the avalanche energy. Which accords with the RoHS standard.

2 Features

● Fast Switching

● ESD Improved Capability

● Low ON Resistance(Rdson≤1.3Ω)

● Low Gate Charge(Typ: 24nC)

● Low Reverse Transfer Capacitances(Typ: 5.5pF)

● 100% Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Test

● 100% ΔVDS Test

3 Applications

● Used in various power switching circuit for system miniaturization and higher efficiency.

● Power switch circuit of adaptor and charger.

600V 1.0Ω 7A

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