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Fast recovery diode 40A 400V MUR40FU40CT TO-220F

Fast recovery diode 40A 400V
  • MUR40FU40CT

  • WXDH

Fast recovery diode 40A 400V

1 Description 

40A, 400V Ultrafast Diodes They have a low forward voltage drop and are of planar, silicon nitride passivated, ion-implanted, epitaxial construction. These devices are intended for use as energy steering/clamping diodes and rectifiers in a variety of switching power supplies and other power switching applications. Their low stored charge and ultrafast recovery with soft recovery characteristics minimizes ringing and electrical noise in many power switching circuits, thus reducing power loss in the switching transistor TO-220F provides insulation voltage rated at 2000V RMS from all three terminals to external heatsink. TO-220F series comply with UL standards (File ref:E252906).

2 Features 

  •  Low power loss, 

  •  high efficiency Low forward voltage, 

  •  high current capability High surge capacity 

  •  Super fast recovery times 

  •  high voltage 

3 Applications 

  •  Switching Power Supply 

  •  Power Switching Circuits 

  •  General Purpose

400V 1.4V 20A

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