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40A 200V SchottkyBarrierDiode

40A 200V SchottkyBarrierDiode
  • MBR40200CT

  • WXDH

40A 200V SchottkyBarrierDiode

1 Description

Dual center tab Schottky rectifier suited for High Frequency server and telecom base station SMPS. Packaged in TO-3P/TO-247, this device combines high current rating and low volume to enhance both reliability and power density of the application. 

2 Features 

  •  High junction temperature capabiliy 

  •  Low leakage current 

  •  Low thermal resistance 

  •  High frequency operation 

  •  Avalanche specification 

3 Applications 

  •  Switching Power Supply 

  •  Power Switching Circuits 

  •  General Purpose

VBR  VF(single)(Max) IF(AV) (single)
200V 0.95mΩ 20A

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