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10A 100V SchottkyBarrierDiode MBR10100CT TO-220C

10A 100V SchottkyBarrierDiode
  • MBR10100CT

  • WXDH

10A 100V SchottkyBarrierDiode

1 Description

Dual center tab Schottky rectifier suited for High Frequency server and telecom base station SMPS. Packaged in TO Inside the package, this device combineshigh current rating and low volume to enhance both reliability and power density of the application. TO-220F provides insulation voltage rated at 2000V RMS from all three terminals to external heatsink. 

2 Features 

 High junction temperature capabiliy 

 Low leakage current 

 Low thermal resistance 

 High frequency operation

3 Applications

 converters 

 free-wheeling diodes 

 reverse battery protection 

 Typical applications are in switching power

VBR  VF(single)(Max) IF(AV) (single)
100V 0.85V 5A

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